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Stocks (CFD)

Want to plunge into the fate of the world's largest companies? Stock trading, also known as share trading, is buying and selling stocks of large companies and brands, such as Apple, Nike and Lloyds Bank. Trading stock CFDs is an affordable way to invest and speculate on the value of your favorite companies.

Familiar companies

Buy and sell stocks of the world's largest companies, such as Google, Facebook, Vodafone and Coca Cola.


Using CFDs means you can trade stocks with low costs.

Long or short

With CFD you can speculate on the stock price in any direction.

Stock trading with Prime Capitals

Stock trading is a great way to speculate on the market value of familiar brands and companies. While investors usually buy and sell stocks, CFD trading means that you can trade in the market, but do not spend the huge costs of buying shares of companies. For example, Apple shares cost between $ 215 and $ 250.
With Prime Capitals, you can trade them for just a third of their market value. Novice investors will find the market much more affordable by trading CFDs.

Market Sentiment Analysis

Examples of successful CFD trading with Prime Capitals