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Products / Valuable Metals / Energy Markets

When trading goods, you trading the world's raw materials and minerals. Buy and sell valuable metals, such as gold and silver, livestock and crops, as well as energy products, such as crude oil. Traditionally, the product has been the domain of a professional active trader. CFD Commodities Trading has made this extremely interesting sector accessible.


Gold, silver and oil are familiar products, which makes their behavior in the market more understandable.

Global trade events

Some assets are influenced by both political and natural global events.

Inflation protection

Some products can hold their value when the currency depreciates.

Trading consumer goods with Prime Capitals

If you are considering the need to diversify your portfolio, trading CFD commodities offers you an excellent opportunity. Unlike some financial products, we all know what consumer goods are. Gold, silver and oil are familiar and tangible, which makes them a more understandable product for trade. Remember that world events have a strong impact on commodities, so unrest or conflicts in an oil-producing country can lead to fluctuations in oil prices. Similarly, drought or other natural phenomena can affect the prices of crops or livestock. Commodity trading can be especially popular when other markets are in a state of stagnation or in decline. For example, when currency prices fall, commodity prices may rise as their value rises with respect to currency. Look at CFDs for products offered by Prime Capitals.

Market Sentiment Analysis

Examples of successful trading with Prime Capitals