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Trading platform for computers and mobile:

Trading platform for any device

We offer to trade in one of the most popular web platforms for online trading in the financial market, working on all devices through a browser.

Web platform benefits:

cross-platform, which does not require downloading, installation and works on all OS;

quick access from anywhere in the world from any computer through a browser;

user-friendly interface and functions that are not inferior to conventional programs.

The main task of Prime Capitals – automation of business processes, as well as the execution of necessary operations to open and close orders, as well as the function of protection against unauthorized access. All together - this is open access to modern and convenient tools needed in trading.

Download and install modern browsers for working with the web platform:


Hundreds of instruments on 1 account

Forex and CFD

Many currency pairs with popular and exotic currencies, CFDs on American stocks, futures and metals.

Asian currencies and stocks

Chinese, Singaporean, Filipino, Malaysian currency pairs and shares of major Chinese companies.