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Trading platform for computers and mobile:

Android & IOS platform

Mobile terminal Android & IOS is a convenient solution that is always at hand, and the entire trading process fits in one palm.

Advantages of the Mobile terminal:

Speed. High terminal performance is achieved through the introduction of the latest technologies. Fast charts and instant opening of a position create convenience in work.

Design. Modern stylish design leaves a pleasant impression of use. A high level of usability is the result of a convenient arrangement of controls.

Security. The terminal meets all modern security requirements through the use of the latest security, encryption and hashing systems.

Includes all trading opportunities:

View market quotes.

Opening positions for the purchase and sale of currency pairs and other Forex instruments.

Placement of pending orders of 4 types.

Setting Take Profit and Stop Loss stop orders for market and pending orders.

View complete trading reports.

Allows you to conduct technical analysis on all basic and additional time frames.

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Hundreds of instruments on 1 account

Forex and CFD

Many currency pairs with popular and exotic currencies, CFDs on American stocks, futures and metals.

Asian currencies and stocks

Chinese, Singaporean, Filipino, Malaysian currency pairs and shares of major Chinese companies.