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Trading platform for computers and mobile:

Trading platform for any device

We offer to trade in one of the most popular platforms for online trading in the financial market. Versions for desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices.

Our platform is a trading platform for Forex, analysis of financial markets and the use of many trading tools.

The main task of Prime Capitals is the automation of business processes, as well as the execution of necessary operations to open and close orders, as well as the function of protection against unauthorized access. All together - this is open access to modern and convenient tools needed in trading.


Trading platform advantages

We give traders access to a really good trading platform for convenient and profitable Forex trading.

Using our platform, a trader is able to use a single account to trade more than 1000 trading instruments. This trading platform can be used to trade simultaneously in several markets. The main list of features of our platform:

  • quick account opening;
  • work with the most popular and demanded deposit and withdrawal systems, including plastic cards and electronic wallets;
  • tracking applications submitted for payment of funds or transferring them to the system;
  • online analysis of the current trading process;
  • direct contact with the liquidity provider;
  • a wide selection of participation in company shares, additional income.

Integration with the Forex market. With this system, the trader has the opportunity to use a single account to trade various instruments. Our trading platform can be used to trade simultaneously in two markets. Only a few trading platforms have this advantage.

Clear management. Every trader knows that everything necessary must be at hand for successful trading, which will allow you to quickly change trading tools, open and close deals, etc. In our trading platform, this rule is fully observed and is characterized by excellent implementation, while the convenient and intuitive interface successfully combines with a stylish design.

Stylish and pleasant colors. Conservative traders can use the classic bright colors of the terminal, and a stylish black color scheme has been introduced for modern market participants . It not only looks very stylish, but also takes care of the trader's eyes, because the eyes from the dark color get tired much less, which eliminates the need to often interrupt from the screen.

Professional technical analysis. The implementation of technical analysis is perfected to perfection, which will please even the most professional trader. Our platform is the only one of its kind in which the timeframe range reaches annual rates. There are also a huge number of indicators that are very conveniently grouped, while each can be customized according to individual requirements.
Professional traders can add their own indicators. To expand the possibilities of technical analysis, almost 30 elements for drawing were introduced into the platform, which include various icons, channels, lines and more. In the terminal, the trader can independently change color schemes, as well as view several charts in one window at once, placing them in the most convenient order.


Hundreds of instruments on 1 account

Forex and CFD

Many currency pairs with popular and exotic currencies, CFDs on American stocks, futures and metals.

Asian currencies and stocks

Chinese, Singaporean, Filipino, Malaysian currency pairs and shares of major Chinese companies.


Easy installation for Windows:

  • Download the trading platform
  • Install the application following the instructions of the installer
  • Open the program and start trading

Installation for Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS) :

  • $wget
  • $sudo apt-get install cabextract $winetricks mfc42
  • $winetricks mfc42
  • $winecfg