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Want to trade Forex? Or maybe you plan to diversify your portfolio with other financial products? Prime Capitals offers you access to the most popular CFD trading markets and extra high quality client service. We will support you in any endeavor, so choose markets and trade in your own way.

Ask, ask - request for sale

Acceleration - acceleration of price movement

Average - add to an already open position

Ax - a market maker

Bull - Buyer

Boom - a sharp increase in trading volume, usually accompanied by an increase in prices

Blue Chips - The Most Liquid Stocks

Bullish - bet on growth

Burn - lose

Basins - purchase orders located significantly below the current price. They are cans, bathtubs and other "containers". They put them in the calculation rather for luck, sometimes there are jerks of the schedule and such applications are "poured"

Blue chips, pigeons - shares of the largest companies with stable income and regularly paid dividends

Bear - seller

Buy in the pit - buy at a minimum

Buy through the night - buy paper shortly before the close of the session

Boar - a trader overexposing profitable positions, as a result of which he leaves the market at zero and even often receives a loss

Bucks - US Dollar

Big loot - a big merchant or big money

Bid - application for purchase

To bid - to buy, submit purchase applications

Beavers - bonds of the Bank of Russia

Collapse - fall sharply

Chip - stock, security

Cosmonauts - Buying Traders

Cover - close positions, fix, synonymous with clos and fix

Cash - free money on the investor's trading account

Catch pips - make a large number of transactions in order to get a small profit

Corner - combining several major players to manipulate the market for profit

Chart - Price Chart

Climbers - Rising Players

Chainsaw - especially strong intraday price fluctuations

Crazy paper - aggressively growing second or third tier paper

Download - invest all the money in some paper

Drodown - drawdown

Drizzling bid / offer - an application for purchase / sale, which the indecisive trader sometimes exposes, then removes

Drain, strait, bay - a sharp drop in prices

Drain - lose all the money

Dangle - strong unpredictable price fluctuations

Dilute - add to the losing position, average the losing position

Entrance ticket - the minimum amount with which you can open a trading account

Exit / go minus - lose a certain amount of money for a certain period of time

Explode - get a very big loss or go broke after a long and successful trade

Enter the market - open a position.

Flat - price movement in the lateral range

Figure - one hundred points

Fly in - lose big

Fly Away - Big Price Change

Fend off, fend off - win back previously lost money

Forest - volume histogram on graphs

Feed, plankton - beginner traders who, most often, suffer losses, that is, figuratively speaking, go to feed experienced traders

Fleas - one-, two- and five-minute candles on an intraday chart.

Get off - sell some paper

Go to Everest - grow strongly, reach highs

Get into a purchase - open a long position

Get in a pose - open a position

Go on sale - open a short position

Go to zero - complete the operation with a zero result

Get money - close all positions

Go to cache - close position

Get support - drop to support level

Game from purchase - opening by the trader of only long positions, if there is a certain situation in the market, for example, in an uptrend

Game from sale - opening by a trader of only short positions, if there is a certain situation on the market, for example, on a downtrend

Gap - the gap between the closing price of one candle and the opening price of another candle

Hang out - price fluctuations within a certain range

High - maximum price

Hot Market - Liquid Market

Head - figure "head and shoulders"

Hare - a type of sheep during the day makes a large number of transactions, usually called scalping sheep

Hold a purchase - stand in a long position

Hold sale - stand in a short position

Indigene - short-term speculator

Insert, stick - buy by market

Invest - long-term purchase by an investor of securities

Industrial - Dow Jones Index

Insider - important information available to a limited circle of persons and capable of significantly affect the price

Intraday - intraday trading

Jump in - buy paper

Klimatic - mass sales or asset purchases. On the chart, it looks like a large corpulent candle with virtually no shadows.

Knocking - break the stop loss

Lemming is a novice trader who constantly repeats the same mistakes and does not want to learn; emotional trader

Lie on your side - move into a horizontal trend

Longs - Long Positions

Lot - the minimum amount of a traded instrument (stocks, currencies, etc.) that can be bought or sold

Low - minimum price

Leave Market - Close Position

Move - price movement from one level to another

Marry paper - hold paper even though

Majors are the main currency pairs, they include six currencies in relation to the US dollar: EUR / USD, GBP / USD, USD / JPY, USD / CHF, AUD / USD and USD / CAD

Maniac - Money Management Specialist

Margin - the amount of funds required to open a position

MM is a market maker; money management

MTS - mechanical trading system

Moving - Moving Average

Mustang paper is a difficultly traded stock; it is impossible to “tame” it

Mouflons - small speculators – losers

Mower - massive purchase

Nails - Long Candles

Overnight - leave open the position on the next trading day

Operate on - manipulate the market, give competent forecasts for the market

Overplay - fatigue from the trading process, when the trader ceases to objectively evaluate the market

Overstocking - buying in large sizes before starting a strong movement

Pig - trader, who trying to catch huge profits, as a result of which it uses very large leverage, often does not fix profits on time, hoping to get even more, in most cases such trading leads to big losses

Pour on the exchange - the term "poured" means the satisfaction of limit orders. A trader puts out applications to enter the market at a certain price, when they are satisfied, they say that the trader was "poured"

Pop out, pop out of papers - sell

Puppeteer, Puppet - a mythical major player who can manipulate market prices

Run ahead of the locomotive - try to catch a market reversal

Rare Earth Issuers - Low Liquid Stocks

Removal - a sharp increase in prices

Rollback, Bounce, Rollback, Fly away - a small, short-term price decline after rising or rising prices after falling;

Resist, resistance - resistance level

Ride - play lower or higher

Scissors - the growth of one paper and the fall of another

Shoot - go up sharply

Sluggish, empty Level - the presence in the Level of a relatively small number of applications

Shorty - a position open against the trend, in order to catch a rollback

Spread - the difference between the best buy price and the best sell price

Statement - transaction history

Stop-loss - stop order

Stop - close a position by stop order

Sitting on the fence, being square - being out of the market

Strong paper - paper that grows strongly or falls inside the day

SPYDER - S&P agency, as well as the American stock market index S&P

Scalp - a short-term transaction, with the aim of taking a few points of profit, as a rule, last from a few seconds to several minutes

Scalper - a trader who makes a large number of transactions during one trading session

Scalp - make a large number of transactions during one trading session

Support - Support Level

Stoke - aggressively sell any paper

Surfer - scalper

Side, flat - no trend, price movement in the range

Swamp - flat

Squeeze money out of the market - try to make money on small price fluctuations

Sheep - a cowardly trader who constantly listens to other people's opinions, very often changes his position, as a result loses

Spit out position - close in stop

Shipment - the process of selling a large volume of securities

Sell in the pit - sell at the lowest prices

Stagnate - slight price fluctuations around a level after a strong movement

Storm in a Level - strong intraday price movement

Suitcase - Investment Portfolio

Spike - a sharp spurt in prices followed by a rollback

Short - a short game, short sales, sale without coverage

Short squeeze - closing short positions in a growing market at any market price, thereby causing an even stronger price increase

Target - price movement target

To shop - to buy

Take - a profit-taking application

Tiger is an experienced trader who rarely trades and markets (acts from ambush)

Take the train - open a position

Take - buy

Take on ask or take on offers - buy at offer prices

Take aggressively - buy large volumes at demand prices, regardless of price

Take on any - buy at the price that sellers offer

To be in the market - to have open positions

Turn around - operate with a large amount of money

Tumble - to make a large number of transactions

Take advantage - earn a certain amount of money for a certain period of time

Trade - deal

To enter on the stock exchange - a stop loss triggered, the position was closed at a loss, and you lost

To get infected from the crowd - to succumb to the herd feeling, to start acting together with the crowd

To endure - to lose completely

Top up - add to a profitable position

Take off - strong sudden price movement

Upper bar - the upper limit of price changes during the trading session

Uncle - market maker

Variation - Variation Margin.

Volatility is a measure of price fluctuations over a certain period of time.

Wolf - a successful, confident trader, always has his own opinion about the market

Weak paper - paper weakly growing or falling inside the day

Wrinkle your brain - puzzle over where the market will go

Zebra - a sequence of several long white and black candles