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World Bank Group Announces Termination of Oil and Gas Exploration Support After 2019 Due to Growing Climate Change Threat

This was announced by World Bank President Jim Yong Kim in Paris on December 12, 2017 at the One Planet Summit. According to the statement, the World Bank considers it necessary to revise the methodology in a rapidly changing world. In addition to discontinuing funding for fossil fuel exploration, the World Bank has put forward a list of measures that will be implemented to meet the requirements of the Paris Climate Agreement.
1. The World Bank will cease all financing of oil and gas production after 2019. In exceptional circumstances, the Bank will consider financing gas production in the poorest countries, where there is a clear need for access to energy for the poor.
2. Starting in 2018, the World Bank will publish an annual report on greenhouse gas emissions from all investment projects.
3. The World Financial Corporation (IFC) will invest up to $ 325 million in the creation of the world's largest fund of "environmental" bonds for emerging markets - the Green Cornerstone Bond Fund. The fund has already allocated more than a billion dollars.
4. The bank will continue to invest in areas that were once again announced at One Planet Summit.
5. The World Bank Group will continue to work with the UN to develop the Invest4Climate platform.
6. The World Finance Corporation (IFC) and the Government of Finland launched the Finland-IFC Climate Change Program, a climate change program, with 114 million Euro in return capital. The project aims to stimulate the private sector to invest in renewable energy, energy efficiency, green building, smart agriculture and forestry.
7. The World Bank will facilitate the transition to renewable energy in developing countries.


The creation of a city - an economic zone in the north-west of the country will be the most ambitious project in the program of the Saudi authorities to diversify the economy

The new city will be called Neom. He will have his own regulatory environment, and he will be controlled by Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The project will be financed by public funds, resources of the Saudi state investment fund Public Investment Fund (PIF), as well as private investment.
They plan to arrange Neom on the Red Sea coast in the neighborhood of Jordan and Egypt, its area will be 260 thousand square kilometers, and it will be provided with electricity generated from renewable sources.
A new free zone is being created with one main goal - to attract as many investments as possible in new technologies, renewable energy and robotics.
According to forecasts by the Saudi authorities, by 2030, Neom's contribution to the country's GDP will be $ 100 billion.
In 2016, the government announced the start of an economic transformation program aimed at reducing its dependence on the oil sector. The program provides for the privatization of assets, the creation of 1.2 million jobs in the private sector and the reduction of unemployment from 11.6% to 9% by 2020.
Saudi Arabia already does not have very successful experience in launching multi-billion-dollar projects for creating economic zones. Of the six new cities conceived ten years ago, only one was further developed - the Economic City of King Abdullah. Now Prince M. bin Salman promises that Neom will be built.


The acquisition of foreign companies will become a new trend in China for the next decade.

According to the report of the Linklaters LLP law firm, over the next 10 years, the volume of investments by Chinese investors will increase by 70% to $ 1.5 trillion, and this in the presence of certain political barriers. Linklaters LLP analysts estimate that over the past decade, Chinese companies have already invested $ 880 billion in foreign enterprises.
The Chinese authorities strongly support investments in production technologies, especially with regard to advanced developments. Priority for China is the acquisition and development of innovative technologies. To this end, the Made in China 2025 strategy has been developed, which is aimed at achieving maximum independence fr om foreign companies and the development of a significant share of technology and production markets.
All this contributes to the increase in investment by Chinese companies. According to Rhodium Group, from January to May 2017, Chinas investment in the United States amounted to $ 22 billion, which is 100% more than in the same period last year.
In addition, most of the investment from China relates to the field of artificial intelligence, wh ere China and the United States compete. Investors from China have invested $ 700 million in 51 American companies from the field of artificial intelligence.


According to a survey of portfolio managers, large investment funds have reduced investments in the US stock market to a minimum since January 2008

Last month, the world's largest investors were actively selling shares of American IT companies, which led to a drop in investment in the US stock market to a minimum since the beginning of 2008. These are the results of a survey of managers of global investment funds with total assets of $ 586 billion. The survey was conducted by the financial conglomerate Bank of America Merrill Lynch.
68% of respondents believe that the shares of high-tech companies from the NASDAQ Composite index are overvalued, and another 12% consider this market to be overheated and see signs of a "bubble" on it. Then it is not surprising that the total investment of funds in the IT sector decreased from 37% in May to 28% in June. In addition, the total weight of US stocks in investment fund portfolios has dropped to a minimum since January 2008.
According to Michael Hartnett, chief strategist at BofA Merrill Lynch, over 80% of global investors are confident that the US stock market is the most overvalued in the world.
The survey also showed that about a quarter of respondents hold pessimistic views on global financial markets, believing that in the future they will fall. Among the greatest risks for their business, fund managers highlight the likely collapse of debt markets, as well as possible errors in the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank.
At the same time, over the past month, investment funds have seen an increase in investments in the Japanese stock market, in the US healthcare sector, in manufacturers of materials and raw materials.


The head of Saudi Arabian Oil Co is confident that the central place in the energy sector will be assigned to oil production for many years to come.

According to the director general of the state oil company of Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabian Oil Co. (Saudi Aramco), Amin Nasser, during the World Petroleum Congress in Istanbul, the company plans to invest $ 300 billion in oil production over 10 years. It is reported by Bloomberg.
Amin Nasser expressed his point of view that in the near future the oil industry will be given a central place in the energy sector. The head of Saudi Arabian Oil is confident that the transition to alternative sources of fuel will be "long and difficult."
Along with this, Amin Nasser announced the plans of Saudi Aramco to increase natural gas production to 23 billion cubic feet (650 million cubic meters) per day for 10 years. According to him, this will give an opportunity to produce about 70% of the country's electricity from gas.
The general director of the oil company emphasized that this indicator is the highest among all G20 countries.
Note that, on the contrary, Shell, the other largest oil producer, considers the green energy direction to be promising. This is evidenced by her plans for an annual investment of $ 1 billion in renewable energy sources.


World real estate. Compared with last year, the amount increased by $ 11 trillion

Savills said that at present, the total value of all real estate reaches $ 228 trillion. At the same time, the company notes that last year this figure was $ 217 trillion.
According to Yolanda Barnes, director of Savills World Studies, the figure rose to $ 228 trillion. due to the increase in the value of objects.
The companys report also said that housing accounts for about three quarters of the total value of global real estate, which is $ 168.5 trillion.
According to the study, over the past year, the aggregate value of commercial real estate has grown at the fastest rate (by 7%). At that time, the growth in housing prices amounted to 5%.
Analysts note that the growth rate of real estate value is much faster than the growth rate of all world bonds, but they are inferior to the value of shares, which grew by 9% from the end of 2015 to the end of 2016.
According to experts, global real estate is a more expensive asset compared to all stocks, bonds and debt securities, which are collectively valued at $ 170 trillion.


The agreements were signed during a visit by US President Donald Trump to Riyadh

The visit of Donald Trump to Riyadh has already been christened by both countries as historical. A package of agreements totaling $ 350 billion was signed between the two states.
At a press conference in Riyadh, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson noted that a number of agreements were signed for a total of over $ 350 billion, including a military deal worth more than $ 110 billion. However, according to Saudi Foreign Minister Adele al- Jubeira, all agreements exceeded $ 380 billion.
According to Adel al-Jubeyr, trumps visit marked the beginning of a "turning point" in relations between the United States and the Arab and Islamic world. He believes that the parties have signed a "strategic declaration" that will lead to cooperation in the fight against extremism and terrorism in the construction of the "defensive architecture of the region."
As Tillerson and Adele al-Jubair later noted, most of the agreements now signed will be implemented within 10 years. In addition, the implementation of these agreements will lead to the creation of "hundreds of thousands of jobs."


In 2017, Central London attracted $ 2.19 billion investment in the commercial real estate sector from European investors

According to Savills consulting company: "Investors from continental Europe have invested $ 2.19 billion (1.7 billion pounds) in commercial real estate in Central London, or 31% of the total investment in the citys commercial real estate. For the same period in 2016, the amount of investments amounted to $ 1.06 billion (824 million pounds) or 14% of the total number of transactions in 2016."
The main objects of the acquisition were:
- Evershershed law office on 1 Wood Street, real estate acquired by the German investment fund KanAm for $ 231 million (179 million pounds);
- Olympia London Exhibition and Convention Center, the object was acquired by a consortium of investors for $ 295 million (229 million pounds);
- The building at Cannon Place, EC4, was acquired by the international real estate fund Deka Immobilien for $ 626 million (486 million pounds).
According to Savills, one of the reasons for the excessive activity of investors in London was the devaluation of the national currency.
Recall earlier, the UK announced its withdrawal from the EU. At the same time, the country still looks stable and attracts European investors more than many other markets.


The activities of foreign investors will be limited in Germany, Italy and France. The ministers of economy of these countries sent their proposal to the European Commissioner for Trade

The Ministers of Economics of Germany, Italy and France wrote a joint letter to the European Commissioner for Trade, Cecilia Malmström, in which they propose restricting the activities of investors from non-EU countries because of concerns about the possible resale of European innovative technologies.
The text of the document says that the ministers are concerned about the lack of a symmetrical approach (in countries that restrict investment from the EU), as well as the possibility of selling European developments, which is difficult to deal with due to the lack of effective tools.
The ministers paid special attention to their dissatisfaction with the restrictions on public procurement that European investors face in some countries outside the EU. At the same time, they consider it unfair that the EU market is "open to foreign competition".
Given the above facts, the heads of ministries offer the EC to give the EU countries the right to block foreign investment or introduce restrictions on them. They recalled that according to EU laws, countries can impose a ban on foreign investment, which pose a threat to state security and public order. The ministers also consider it necessary to provide additional protection, which would be based on the consideration of economic criteria, as well as obtaining approval from the European Commission.


Tim Rogers, an investment market veteran who survived several crises half a century ago, is extremely worried today

"Too much optimism," says Rogers, chairman of Rogers Holdings. People focus on the positive with respect to Donald Trump. But no one talks about what specific actions Trump will take as president. "He really wants a trade war. And if it starts, everything will be for sale!" Rogers said in an interview with MarketWatch.
"I know that trade wars have always had a disastrous effect. They led to bankruptcy and armed conflict, said Rogers. History shows that no one has won the trade war and too few people have learned this lesson. People ignore him because they think they are stronger and smarter than people in the past."
Trump began his work in the Oval Office, including with anti-trade rhetoric. Among other things, he threatened China to cut imports by 45% and accused the largest Asian country of currency manipulation, stoking a fire of disagreement between the United States and its largest trading partner. Analysts estimate that the confrontation between the US and China could be a disaster, which is likely to provoke a recession in the global economy.
Rogers believes that only one thing can be said with complete certainty - under Trump there will be even more chaos, which may be accompanied by economic instability at the international level.
"But scary forecasts should not scare away investors," Rogers said. "In Chinese, the same word "crisis" has the meaning of "opportunity" and "disaster, "so if a catastrophe happens, it means great opportunity," says the legendary investor.


Residents of China are still actively buying property in London

Unlike many foreign investors who have ceased to prefer real estate in the English capital, residents of China are still actively buying property in London
Experts note that the demand for British real estate after the decision of the British in June to leave the EU fell by half. However, Chinese investors have not lost interest in it and continue to buy up assets in central London.
It is worth noting that with a decrease in total investment in London real estate by 55%, Chinese investment fell by only 22%. And this does not take into account transactions that are in process, that is, they will be closed either before the end of the current year, or at the beginning of the next.
The depreciation of the renminbi, and also because of fears of tightening capital controls, the Chinese began to actively invest in foreign assets, including commercial real estate in London, which fell after the referendum. Although it is impossible to say with certainty that the demand from the Chinese will continue. If the PRC authorities tighten control over the outflow of capital, then the volume of Chinese investment may decrease significantly.


Over the year, the world's richest people increased their fortune to $ 4.4 trillion

According to Bloomberg, basically such an enrichment occurred due to a change in the political landscape caused by the victory of populist politicians in the US and Europe.
Experts note that most large businessmen benefitted from volatility. As a result, 2016 can be called an exciting year for risky assets.
Most of all, Warren Buffett grew his wealth, whose fortune increased by 19% over the year to $ 71.4 billion. Such a sharp rise occurred due to the increase in the value of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. after trump's victory in the presidential election.
Analysts also note that the past year was determined more by the news than by fundamental factors. Today, market behavior is based on the belief that Trump will weaken the regulation of a number of economic areas in the United States.
The head of Microsoft, Bill Gates, last year, is the richest man on the planet, and his fortune totals $ 91.5 billion.



Dear friends!
Team PrimeCapitals Ltd. congratulates you on the upcoming New Year and Christmas holidays! We wish you peace and prosperity, dynamic growth for your business and new, large-scale investment opportunities in 2017!


From January to November 2016, the Ministry of Economy of Taiwan approved 3,093 foreign investment projects

Between January and November 2016, the Ministry of Economy of Taiwan approved 3,093 foreign investment projects, among which there are also with the participation of Chinese businessmen, for a total value of $ 10.6 billion.
This significant investment in Taiwan was influenced by the Dutch Micron Technology investment in its $ 3.34 billion subsidiary Micron Memory Taiwan. Epsilon also invested over $ 1 billion in Netherlands-based ASML Holding in its Taiwanese subsidiary Epsilon. N.V.
Based on the results for the indicated period, local companies and individuals invested $ 11.255 billion in Taiwan's economy, which is 16.86% more than last year.
It is worth noting that the Netherlands, Hong Kong, the UK and Japan are considered the largest investors in Taiwan.


The buyer was a consortium consisting of Swiss trader Glencore and the Qatari Sovereign Fund

The executive director of the Russian state-owned Rosneft, Igor Sechin, recently announced the completion of a deal to sell a stake in Rosneft.
It is known that we are talking about the purchase of a 19.5% stake in Rosneft. This package was purchased by a consortium, which included the Swiss trader Glencore and the Qatari Sovereign Fund. As the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov noted, the country's budget received from this transaction 10.5 billion euros.
In this regard, in the near future will be developed a "scheme of actions to convert a significant amount of currency" in order to avoid possible exchange rate fluctuations.


The portfolio contains 396 projects, most of which are related to tourism, infrastructure, agricultural production, energy and oil exploration

Today, the Cuban authorities presented a portfolio of business opportunities to attract foreign direct investment, the total amount of which is $ 9.5 billion. According to the Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment of the island, Rodrigo Malmierca, this year 69 projects are presented more than in the past.
All these business projects, the minister emphasized, "meet the country's priorities in the field of economic and social development until 2030."
The Cuban government is confident that the countrys openness to foreign capital should allow attracting $ 2 billion of foreign direct investment annually.
However, it is not so easy for Cuba to establish contacts with foreign companies. This is due, first of all, to the insufficient training of enterprises and functionaries, which lengthens the decision-making process and formal procedures. But, as Malmierca assured, the Cuban government is working to improve these ties.


SoftBank and Saudi authorities will launch an investment fund aimed at supporting promising IT companies around the world

Japanese SoftBank Group Corp. together with businessmen of Saudi Arabia, initiates the creation of a new investment fund, which will have a capital of $ 100 billion. The fund will invest in young companies that can influence the development of the IT market.
Journalists noted that the announcement about the creation of the fund was made three months after the closing of the transaction on the acquisition by SoftBank of the British processor manufacturer ARM Holdings Plc for $ 32 billion.
Apparently SoftBank decided, after mastering the Internet of Things with ARM, to start searching for new electronic components and software. According to Hideki Yasuda, an analyst at Tokyo Ace Research Institute, SoftBank intends to find a new Alibaba.
According to Bloomberg, the share of SoftBank in a joint investment fund called SoftBank Vision Fund will be $ 25 billion. The Saudi Investment Fund, in turn, will invest $ 45 billion in the company over the next five years. "Other world investors" are expected to receive another $ 30 billion.
Details of the creation of the fund are so far kept secret. The initiators of the fund hope that it will become the largest investor in the technology sector over the next ten years.


In the third quarter of 2016 and after it there will be a lot of uncertainty, but this is not at all bad

Saxo Bank, a specialist in integrated online trading and investment, published a quarterly macroeconomic forecast for world markets, and a number of key trading strategies for the 3rd quarter of 2016.
The summer of broken hopes came. Uncertainty reigns in Europe, the debt cycle has peaked, and the social contract is already being rewritten by voters who vote against the elite political system. Trading in markets in the 3rd quarter will be determined by increasing volatility, an understanding of how populist sentiment will affect social processes, and the realization that the global economy - including the US economy - will resume dancing at the edge of a recession.
Steen Jacobsen, chief economist at Saxo Bank, said: "Brexit doesnt bother me personally, because from the experience of previous crises I know that such events often lead to real changes and sometimes to real reforms. After the crisis of the 1992 European exchange rate mechanism, the economy and employment in the UK have grown significantly."
"The good news is that in the next 12 months we will be able to see the long-awaited changes," he added. "The bad news is that the process will be accompanied by high volatility and uncertainty."


Stock Europe completed exchange trading in the red zone, indices plummeted following European stock quotes

The consolidated index of the largest enterprises in the Stoxx Europe 600 region fell by 1.29%, to 335.47 points.
The British FTSE 100 index fell by 0.73%, the French CAC 40 - by 1.84%, the German DAX - by 1.8%.
Royal Dutch Shell shares fell in price on 08/02/2016 by 1.8%, BP - by 1.1%. The oil market has moved to a bearish trend, the price of WTI oil has fallen by more than 20% since the last peak.
Shares of Commerzbank fell by almost 8.7%. The second largest asset, the Bank of Germany abandoned the goal of maintaining net profit in 2016 at the level of the previous year, reducing the indicator in the second quarter by 32%.
The price of UniCredit SpA shares fell 8.1% after media reports that the largest Italian bank intends to raise up to 8 billion euros through the sale of new securities.
The capitalization of automakers Daimler AG and Volkswagen AG fell 2.6% and 4.7%, respectively, after a statement about a decrease in car sales in Germany last month.
The stock prices of the retailer Metro AG fell by 8.9%, as the company's profit and revenue in the past quarter did not meet market forecasts.
Deutsche Lufthansa capitalization fell by 4%. The airline reported that the average price of its tickets decreased in the 2nd quarter of 2016 due to a decrease in demand and an excess of aircraft in the European air transportation market.


The release of a new game for mobile devices called Pokemon Go has led to a rise in the price of shares of its developer, the Japanese company Nintendo, by 9

As a result, in just one day, the company's capitalization grew by $ 4 billion and reached $ 22.8 billion.
Pokemon Go was launched for iOS and Android on July 6, but already in the first 24 hours the application became the most downloaded among free games in the App Store in the USA. This led to the fact that from July 6 to 8, Nintendo capitalization reached $ 23 billion.
Pokemon Go is to search for Pokemon in the city and surrounding areas. You can catch a monster by aiming the smartphones camera at a specified location.
Pokemon Go is free, but it contains internal purchases. Representatives of Nintendo note that they themselves did not expect such a level of income from the launch of a new game.
Pokemon Go users say that a game related to geolocation leads them to unusual places, for example, on railway tracks, in a cemetery, and even in the police.
Nintendo is not going to stop there and is preparing to release four more games for iOS and Android by the end of the fiscal year.