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More than a broker. We are your trading partner.

Prime Capitals offers you all the tools you need to start trading. Trade Forex, indices, stocks, commodities and futures with the help of our professionally supported platform and our first-class customer service.
Our goal is to make CFD trading accessible and understandable for you, wherever you are. We offer opportunities to both experienced professionals and beginners, with the support of our dynamic customer service team.


About us

Prime Capitals was born with the goal of providing a customer-oriented trading platform. Our company was founded in 2016, since then we have gained strength, and now we are ready to strengthen our presence in the world.
Today we have a multinational team, a head office in London and more than 3 thousand employees: experts, financial analysts and information technology specialists.
Our representative offices are located in 11 offices in European and Asian countries. We have received several awards for an excellent customer service team and an advanced platform, so we crave more.

We continue to strengthen and improve these strong foundations, seeking to grow as a global brokerage agency that continues to grow as a brand you can trust. Our mission is to ensure the achievement of the goals and ambitions of all our partners, supporting our industry-leading CFD trading platform.

Regulated platform. We offer the customer a fully regulated UK platform.

Trading communities. Access to trading communities.

Technology. The best trading product for execution and our experience with our technology.

Support. Online 24/5 support provided by a dedicated team.

Education. Education and training using educational materials and webinars.

Need to talk? We offer great service to all our customers through personal managers.

Premium trading tools. Take control of the game with our powerful trading tools created for trouble-free trading.

Superiority. Being the best is a continuous process. That is why we are constantly looking for ways to improve our service and exceed all your expectations!

Ambition. We all strive for success, and the task of Prime Capitals is to help you achieve your success.

Honest and transparency.
Your trust is priceless. That is why we appreciate honesty and transparency.

Customer is in charge
You, our customers, are the foundation of our business. We believe that all our customers deserve the same high level of respect that presents within our customer service team. We offer a friendly and personal service five days a week during global trading hours. Each of our clients also has a personal service manager, so if you have a complicated question or problem, we are always ready to help. Prime Capitals is a financial trading platform designed for unhindered market access. If you are a beginner or an experienced trader, you will find all the tools that allow you to trade the way you want.



Prime Capitals is a close-knit team of foreign exchange earnings experts headquartered in London.
We help traders and brokers achieve their business goals and personal ambitions. Our business is based on integrity and trust, offering an industry-leading combination of dynamic products, competitive trading options and one-on-one premium services.

Prime Capitals mission is to realize personal ambitions and business goals of traders and brokers in the CFD market, supporting an effective trading platform with innovative methodologies and excellent customer service. But the key to the success of our business is the number of our satisfied customers, because long-term relationships in our time can only be built on the loyalty of stakeholders.


- to get your recognition of our team as a reliable, dynamic and market-leading brokerage business partner for CFD
- to provide you with essential tools, education and customer service to help you succeed in this rapidly changing market
- show our long-term commitment to trading with you
- to create a personal trust and track record of exceptional product quality and safety
- learn about the adventures, risks, and rewards your trading can bring.



Honest and open attitude towards our customers is the core values of our business.
We build long-term relationships with traders, ensuring transparent and effective protection of our clients' interests. That is why we decided to stay in London in accordance with the authority and rules established by the FCA.

FCA has identified six core values ​​(Treating Customers Fairly TCF) to ensure fair customer service. Prime Capitals is committed to maintaining these values. We consider the values ​​of FCA TCF as the basis of everything we do.